Faculty and Staff

Grade Name / Website Room
Principal Dr. Nicholas Huck nhuck@sthelenaphila.org
Assistant Principal Mrs. Jenn Reed jreed@sthelenaphila.org
Teacher Leader Ms. Rosalie Doherty A rdoherty@sthelenaphila.org
Teacher-Leader and Student Services Coordinator Mr. Thomas Whittle twhittle@sthelenaphila.org
Pre-K Mrs. Celeste Cline B ccline@sthelenaphila.org
Pre-K Ms. Jessica Breuning C jbruening@sthelenaphila.org
Pre-K Mrs. Betsy Ferdock D bferdock@sthelenaphila.org
Kindergarten Ms. Annette Hanagan E ahanagan@sthelenaphila.org
Kindergarten Ms. Monica Udvari F mudvari@sthelenaphila.org
Kindergarten Mrs. Maura Leeper H mleeper@sthelenaphila.org
1 Mrs. Alyssa Kroll J akroll@sthelenaphila.org
1 Ms. Bridget Kennedy M bkennedy@sthelenaphila.org
1 Ms. Janina Hassey G jhassey@sthelenaphila.org
2 Ms. Laura Thomer L lthomer@sthelenaphila.org
2 Ms. Katelyn Custer P kcuster@sthelenaphila.org
2 Ms. Christine Bishop K cbishop@sthelenaphila.org
3 Ms. Victoria Murphy Q vmurphy@sthelenaphila.org
3 Ms. Melissa Scutt R mscutt@sthelenaphila.org
4 Mrs. Jessica Loftus 4 jloftus@sthelenaphila.org
4 Ms. Eileen Denton 3 edenton@sthelenaphila.org
5 Mr. Terry Peach 2 tpeach@sthelenaphila.org
5 Ms. Haley Ackerman 1 hackerman@sthelenaphila.org
6 Mr. Edward Singer 17 esinger@sthelenaphila.org
6 Mrs. Kelsey Stahl 18 khogan@sthelenaphila.org
6th Grade Social Studies / Learning Support Mr. Eric Turner 11 eturner@sthelenaphila.org
7 Ms. Ashley Snyder 15 asnyder@sthelenaphila.org
7 Mr. Gerald Kielburger 16 gkielburger@sthelenaphila.org
8 Mr. Joe Gronski 13 jgronski@sthelenaphila.org
8 Ms. Camille Karam 14 ckaram@sthelenaphila.org
Art Mrs. Donna Kutz-Ermer 9 dkutzermer@sthelenaphila.org
Music Ms. Kristin Kemmerer 6 kkemmerer@sthelenaphila.org
Physical Ed. Mrs. Joanne Carroll 11 jcarroll@sthelenaphila.org
Computer Mrs. Zara Pinto 12 zpinto@sthelenaphila.org
Library Sister Joan Callahan 5 sisterjcal@gmail.com
TESOL Teacher/Learning Support/Chinese Translator Ms. Erica Huo 11 jhuo@sthelenaphila.org
Administrative Assistant Ms. Tina Trapp Main Office ttrapp@sthelenaphila.org
Tuition Coordinator Ms. Mildred Ramos Main Office mramos@sthelenaphila.org
Admissions Director Mr. Michael Jemison Main Office mjemison@sthelenaphila.org
School Nurse Ms. Tamika Barrett Lower Bldg.
Title I Reading Specialist Mrs. Anita Lukach allukach@philasd.org
ESOL Teacher Ms. Patricia O'Neill A poneill@philasd.org
School Counselor Ms. Meghan Lanci Meghan_Lanci@elwyn.org
Elwyn School Psychologist Dr. Sandra Tecosky Sandra_Tecosky@elwyn.org
Elwyn Speech/Language Therapist Ms. Patricia Nguyen nguyenp_ext@external.elwyn.org