EITC/OSTC Tax Credit Programs

Did you know that most Pennsylvania businesses qualify for a tax credit when they support our school? Up to 90% or more of your scholarship donation can be paid back, dollar for dollar in the form of a tax credit. The subsequent federal tax deduction reduces the cost of your contribution to pennies on the dollar.

There is no risk to apply or participate. If you apply and are approved for the credit, you do not have to make the contribution if you are no longer able. C-Corps, S-Corps, Single & Multi-Member LLCs, and LLPs all qualify.

EITC / OSTC funding further closes the gap between St. Helena-Incarnation’s expenses and our family’s ability to pay, allowing our vulnerable students to receive quality education in a neighborhood truly strengthened by a quality Catholic school.

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For more information, you can visit the EITC or OSTC websites.